DeskSaver 0.9

Give your Mac a stunning moving desktop


  • Superb close-up images
  • Original desktop background


  • No preferences at all
  • Can be off-putting with desktop in motion all the time
  • A little heavy on CPU

Not bad

If you're bored of static desktop wallpapers then why not choose one that moves?

It might sound a bit weird but that's what DeskSaver does, creating some stunning closeups of natural objects and phenomena that look great on your desktop. Simply drag it to your applications folder and let it rip. The images will start appearing immediately and include close-ups of rain drops, particles plus a dose of psychedelic colors for good measure.

The images are certainly eye-catching, but it can be a bit off-putting with your desktop moving all the time. Frustratingly, there are no options or preferences either to give you control over what is displayed and the frequency of motion. There are supposed to be pause, resume and restart controls but CMD-clicking on the dock icon or accessing the DeskSaver menu reveals nothing.

DeskSaver is nevertheless more interesting than your average desktop background and features some stunning natural close-ups.

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DeskSaver 0.9

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